Can’t Camp. Stuck at Home.

Is anyone else struggling with the fact that they can’t camp? Our stay at home order was just extended to mid-May. So far I have had two camping trips cancelled. The new deadline means another one will be refunded soon.

I found myself shopping on Amazon. Not that I am purchasing but I found a few things that I thought I would share them here. Maybe these things can help bring camping to your quarantined household!

Look at how cute this camping set is. I just wish I had a young person in my life to gift this to!

Camping Themed Playset

LEGO has made several sets that are camping themed. This one is geared more towards outdoor adventures.

Outdoor Adventures LEGO

Board games has become our go-to entertainment during quarentine. Our favorite games right now is, Ticket to Ride. The game TREKKING is a similar concept but with National Parks. If this game is half as fun as ticket to ride, it’s a winner!

Trekking Board Game

This game looks like a park ranger CandyLand game.

RangerLand Great Smoky Mountain Edition


A classic game for the whole family. Monopoly. I know there are multiple versions of this available but we love the National Park Monopoly. Each member of my family fights to buy the national parks we have visited over the years.

National Park Monopoly


Another classic game for the whole family. I am sure you already have a deck of UNO cards in the home or camper but this Wilderness version is just cute!

Wilderness UNO

If games are not your thing, maybe puzzles are. I have seen some cute ones. Here are just a few available on Amazon.

National Park Themed Jigsaw Puzzle


This Estes Park poster is just adorable! If you are planning a trip to Colorado or Estes Park, this puzzle would get the entire family into the excitement.

Estes Park

As I am stuck in my house keeping myself, my family and everyone else that I interact with safe from the COVID 19 virus, this is the image that gets me through the blurried days and nights. From the Moose in the river to the shooting stars. This is mentally the place I visit each night.

Cute Tent Camping Scene

These are my finds. Have you found a great way of bringing camping into your world while stuck at home? If so, leave me a link in the comments.

Until we can see each other again!








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