Mother’s Day Weekend 2021

To camping fanatics and outdoorsy mom’s there isn’t a much better way to spend Mother’s Day weekend than at the campground. We spent the holiday at Wallace State Park in Cameron, Missouri.

Thanks to a well placed Missouri State holiday (former President Harry S. Truman’s birthday) we got a three day weekend and an extra day of camping. Is there a better Mother’s Day gift than a day off work?

Thursday night was cold but clear. As we sat outside talking our 5 year old points out the most bizarre site. Lights traveling across the sky in a straight line. Very uniform. Very bright. Well after moments of uncertainty we started googling. Have you had the opportunity to see Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites? Well, we can say we have!

We spent Friday traveling to Jamesport, MO to the annual May Days festival. We visited the Amish community for baked treats, spices, and flowers. Then we visited all the venders in town for extra shopping. We found a small town grocery store that makes fresh deli sandwiches for lunch. Try not to judge but I was able to have a childhood favorite: white bread, liver cheese, Mayo, lettuce, and onion! Best sandwich for $3.99!

Saturday, my son and daughter-in-love and his best friend joined us at the campground. The sketchy weather kept changing to our favor and we ended up with a sunny, windy, slightly chilly day. So we made the best of what we were given by playing bags and sharing a few meals.

The forecasted storms found us late Saturday night early Sunday morning. The rain, thunder, cooler temps made for perfect sleeping weather! The only person disturbed by the storm was our dog, Moose. I woke to find he and I nose to nose and he sought comfort from the thunder.

Sunday morning was cold, damp but full of friendships, food, and fellowship. The men made us moms a wonderful camp breakfast with Mimosas and chiliquilas!


Just sharing some of the yummy food we consumed on this camping trip!

Random Photos:

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