This is a blog that started with seven people, two families. who all have a love for camping. We started off in tents, moved to pop-up campers  and currently travel with thirty-five foot travel travelers. We live in the Midwest and try to camp March through October. This blog is about our camping trips, our travels, and our lessons learned. This blog is about us roaming with friends.

In 2016, our camping group began to expand. Our friends, The Masters, have been camping for years but they primarily camped at a family campground in northeast Kansas affectionately called Camp Katmandu. Ready for something different, The Masters family joined us for a few camping trips and this year joined us for our cross country road trip.

Not only did the Masters join us but they also brought along another family: Ricki and Collin. Ricki and Collin are brand new to the camping world; they actually purchased The Masters old camper in the spring of 2017. Ricki and Collin have quickly fallen in love with camping and seem to be a natural fit for group camping. Even when they are not camping with us, they gather their own small crowd to take camping.

The Taylor family consist of Wayne and Pamela and their two children. The oldest, The Boy, and the youngest, The Short Chic.  The Boy is a student at Kansas State University and his camping status maybe taking a back seat to his busy young adult life. The Short Chic loves to travel and camp.  By profession, Wayne is a computer programmer and Pamela is a social worker.  This blog was Pamela’s brain child and she enjoys sharing our stories with you all.

The Todd family consist of Allen and Angie and their daughter, Z.  Allen is a firefighter/paramedic and Angie is a Social Worker. Z and The Short Chic became friends through gymnastics and are responsible for The Taylor’s and Todd’s coming together to camp.

The Masters family consist of Jeremy and Meeghan and two little people who live in their house. Meeghan and Pamela met in graduate school in 2004  and became friends. Then their husbands became friends and then their children became friends.


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    There is nothing better than camping with friends. We are full-timers now, but will soon be traveling with another full-time friend. Our camping buddies from our weekend camping days even come to enjoy adventures with us when we are within a decent distance. Nothing like time around a campfire with a group of loved ones! Happy camping!

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