When Life Gives You Lemons…

Life has certainly given us our fair share of lemons lately. I know my story sounds just like your story. There is the virus, people are getting very sick, even dying. We are all trying to flatten the curve so we stay home. There is panic and hoarding. There is no sports. COVID-19 swiftly refined March Madness. Restaurants are closing. Small businesses are in peril. Our schools have closed. Everyone who can has found a way to work from home.

The campground sounded like a safe place. Each site is more than six feet apart. Wide open spaces. The CDC continues to encourage us to get outside. I really thought I would be able to weather this storm as long as I had camping.

And then they closed the campgrounds.

And then our WiFi crashed.

Everything in our home seems to connect to WiFi. We can’t school or work without it. Our TV doesn’t work without it. Even our smart lights are not smart without it.

The WiFi repair folks can’t come out till Monday. What to do till then?

We make lemonade with all those lemons!

We found a private campground 90 minutes from our house. We called and found they were open. They have WiFi. Done! We loaded Ruby Lou and took off.

As I write this my privilege is staring me straight in the face. I can’t and won’t deny it. But I am happy that we can continue to meet our obligations and have an incredible view of a beautiful lake while doing so.

We are still socially distancing and washing our hands. We are just doing it from the campground at Mozingo Lake.

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