La Bella Villas & RV Park

For the past several years Mother’s Day has afforded us the opportunity to gather with other families and enjoy a weekend of camping while honoring the mother’s day. Our original plan for Mother’s Day was to visit a local state park. However, COVID restrictions were extended and ultimately we were cancelled as our state parks are not allowing camping.

So, we moved our reservations to a full hook-up campground in the small town of Carrollton, MO, La Bella Vista & RV Park. Carrollton is a small town with a population of 3,500 people. We are familiar with Carrollton as it is where we deer hunt and close to my hometown.

La Bella Vista & RV Park is beautiful piece of  land with thick green grass, a boundary line of mature trees and across the street from the city park and soon to be aquatic center.  Occasionally pipeline workers check in and call La Bella home while working near Carrollton. During Mother’s Day Weekend 2020, there were no other guest except for the one rental house and one full time RV’er on property.

We spent the weekend resting, relaxing, playing, and even shopping. Naps were taken.  The kids played nonstop.  It was a welcome treat to not worry about vehicles speeding through the campground. Even the littlest of the littles could toddle along minding their own business. The kids were not the only ones who enjoyed their best life; the dogs ran off leash all weekend.

Our Mother’s Day trip came during Phase 1 of life post COVID quarantine. We really just hoped to find a place that would allow us to camp. However, we found a small town open for business. We visited the local downtown square and found hand dipped ice cream at the Mercantile. (Ya’ll that Black Raspberry Truffle made me forget that I am lactose intolerant!) We visited the Amish store and even were gifted free firewood from the Amish sawmill.  We made nightly runs to the local brewery, River Bottom Brewery, for to go growlers and to go Beer Margaritas.

The hand scooped ice cream from the Mercantile. I think we each hit this place several times during our weekend stay.

On Mother’s Day we were gifted the most amazing tour by the La Bella Villas & RV Park owner, Linda. She also co-owns La Bella Casa Mansion and offered us a tour of the home. La Bella Casa Mansion is an event center and a beautiful place for a wedding or party. Linda showed us the grounds and the home. The home was built by a banker in 1912. The woodwork throughout the house was amazing. Linda even pointed out the resident critters (bats!) that call the shutters home.

All the mothers with their children/grandchildren outside of La Bella Casa.

The grounds and first floor of the mansion can be rented for one price. If you would like access to other parts of the house, you add them on. I am pretty sure I got lost in counting bedrooms but I think there are approximately 8 bedrooms and the house can sleep nearly 30 people.  The entire third flood is a giant bar/billiards room with a lot of space for entertaining. Linda and her business partner have done an amazing job of turning an old house into something very beautiful!  Thank you,  Linda,  once again for a wonderful Mother’s Day treat!

Bar/Billiards room on the third floor of the mansion.
One interior fireplaces. The door off to the left goes to the kitchen. All of the floors are original as is all the other wood work.
Beautiful stained glass hanging in the window from the first to second floor. Linda reported the original owner obtained this from an old church.

What do you need to know if you are considering visiting La Bella Villas & RV Park?

  • Only some of the sites have concrete. Most are on grass.
  • All sites have water, electricity, and sewer.
  • The rate is $25 a night.
  • There are no fire pits but you are able to bring your own fire ring.
  • There are no public shared spaces. So no bathhouse, no public restrooms.
  • The sites were originally set up for mobile homes. So you may need to maneuver around the site to make your electric cords  and sewer connections work. Otherwise be prepared and bring extensions.
  • Contact Linda and let her know you are coming. She will swing by and pick up the rent.

The weather was fickle. Cold, windy, sunny, warm. Our evening campfire was a welcome treat.
Cowboy Stir fry for dinner for large group on the Blackstone.

Carrollton is not exactly urban setting. It is the epitome of a small rural town. It is located at the intersection of highway 65 and 10 highway. It is one and half hours east of Kansas City MO.  It is 50 miles north of the highway 65 and I-70 intersection. However, there is enough cute shops and soon to be the inclusion of a aquatic center right across the street from La Bella RV Park that makes this a nice, change of pace location.

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