The Sounds of Camping

We have already spent nearly twenty nights in our camper this year. Nearly all of those trips have been cold. Or wet. Definitely sweatshirt, stocking cap, rain boot kinda trips. Until Memorial Day weekend. The sun came out. It was warm. And the campground…well it came alive. The sounds of camping started to sing. They […]


Can’t Camp. Stuck at Home.

Is anyone else struggling with the fact that they can’t camp? Our stay at home order was just extended to mid-May. So far I have had two camping trips cancelled. The new deadline means another one will be refunded soon. I found myself shopping on Amazon. Not that I am purchasing but I found a […]


When Life Gives You Lemons…

Life has certainly given us our fair share of lemons lately. I know my story sounds just like your story. There is the virus, people are getting very sick, even dying. We are all trying to flatten the curve so we stay home. There is panic and hoarding. There is no sports. COVID-19 swiftly refined […]