The Sounds of Camping

We have already spent nearly twenty nights in our camper this year. Nearly all of those trips have been cold. Or wet. Definitely sweatshirt, stocking cap, rain boot kinda trips. Until Memorial Day weekend. The sun came out. It was warm. And the campground…well it came alive.

The sounds of camping started to sing. They are music to my ears. Recently, I found myself just listening to the sounds of camping. And I found my soul exhale.

Birds chirping.

A baseball hitting a leather glove.

An axe hitting a splitting mail.

Bicycle tires crunching on gravel.

The rustle of leaves to an old oak tree as the wind passes through.

The mashing of different beats and tunes from numerous playlist.

Children’s giggles.

The crackle and pop of a campfire.

The campground is full of life. Of relaxation. What are your favorite campground sounds?

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