Camping Rocks…Painted Treasures

We are crazy over painted rocks! We love the idea of people hiding painted rocks across the country to be found by other people. I have personally never found a painted rock but I can imagine it would brighten my whole day. Like geocaching but totally random.

So, we are hiding our own painted rocks during our travels. They maybe decorated by any one of us so you never know what you will get. But one thing is true, it was painted with as much talent as we could muster and it was painted with hope.

If you have found one of our rocks, please leave us a message and let us know you found it. We would love for you to email us a photo of you and the rock.  We will add it here so we can all share a slice of happiness in this ole world.  (



We had our first finding! This cute little rock was found at Smithville Lake in Loop F where it was hidden after our 6th Annual Family Camp-Out and Glow Party. We are not sure if it was found twice or if two people from the finding party contacted us. But, this little rock may still be out there to find again.   Thank you KP Family for sharing with us!


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