Play, Pause, Reset

We are victims of our own destruction at times. The schedule we keep; no one sets it for us. The hours we keep, no one sets them for us. Our children’s extracurricular activities, we said yes to those. So when I feel like my life or my family’s lives are running at a speed I can’t keep up with I know I can only blame ourselves.

img_7927Our youngest had a day off from school this past week. A fact that I seemed to overlook until the automated message came out the Thursday before to remind all those parents like me who can’t see the forest because we are dodging the trees. We could not go out of town because we still had cheer responsibilities Friday night and Saturday afternoon. We returned to a local spot and set up our base camp a few miles north of our own home at Smith’s Fork Campground.

img_7929The Todd’s schedule would not allow them to join us, their lives are just as hectic as our own, but they were able to come and visit us for dinner Saturday night. In addition to the Todd’s my cousin and his family joined us. We enjoyed a campfire, smore’s, and adult beverages, as well as laughs.

The rest of the long weekend was spent decompressing and relaxing. Every space for resting was utilized to the maximum. No alarm clocks; we slept past 9:00 a.m. every day of the weekend. The Boy and I each took late morning naps under the awning in a lounger and as soon as Wayne’s attention was diverted to fishing I climbed back in bed for another late afternoon nap while The Boy curled up on the coach.

img_8907Many weekend camping trips are filled with activities and running. During those weekends we hardly see the inside of our camper other than to shower and sleep. But occasionally it is nice to hit the pause button. During these weekends I am glad I took the time to make our camper feel like a second home.  There is no place like a home away from home to allow the body and mind to reset.


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