Smith’s Fork Campground

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be the sibling or even first cousin to a famous celebrity? On the surface, you assume it might stink to be in the shadow of someone who is successful and crazy recognizable? Under the surface you may very well find a very successful person in the own right who does not desire the limelight.

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This is Smith’s Fork Campground at Smithville Lake. Smithville Lake is a beautiful 7,200 acre lake operated by Clay County that has two different campgrounds that offer stunning lake views just north of Kansas City, MO. . Smith’s Fork Campground is the first cousin to Smithville Lake. It is located below the dam, no lake views, quiet,  no limelight, but yet a wonderful little campground that should not be overlooked.

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Smith’s Fork Campground has 79 spacious full service sites; a total steal at $25.00 a night. The reservation system is so easy….it is a quick phone call to the campground host who puts your name down on a list. The campground has 30 and 50 amp service and some sites are fitted with both. a few sites are asphalted, most are gravel. We were in sites 45 and 47, which were both pretty level and needed no level jacks.

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The campground is sandwiched on a dead-end road between a sports complex and a city park with a campground and a football field. Near the campground is the dam’s spillway which is a popular spot with locals to fish.  The campground itself does not have a playground for kids but the city park is easily accessible  and about a football field’s distance away.  Just beyond the spillway and the city park, we found a nice hiking trail that lead us on a long hike past a secluded pond.

IMG_6587Of course, the lake is a short drive from Smith’s Fork Campground. Smithville Lake has a marina, is great for boating, swimming, hiking or even biking. They have skeet shooting, an RA Airfield, and disc golf.

During our stay here the weather was beautiful; slightly chilly Friday night and a warm sunny day on Saturday. We enjoyed many guest at our campsite over the weekend. My in-laws joined us Friday for a bon fire and Saturday our good friends brought their family out to the campground for a Mother’s Day dinner.  I think they would become campers if we could just figure out a way for their Prius to pull a camper!






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