Welcome to Roam With Friends

Welcome to our own corner of the internet. A place where we can share with you one of our biggest passions, RV camping.

Pam and Angie had worked together for more than a decade but never became more than acquaintances. Then a few years ago fate brought these two families together. The Taylor’s and The Todd’s each enrolled their daughters, who were nearly the same age, in the same gymnastics program.  As the daughters friendship grew so did the Mommy’s and eventually so did the Daddy’s.



We learned we all loved to camp. We each had previously owned campers and dreamed of having them again. Angie, the skeptic of the group, was concerned about our hectic lives and how we would fit camping into our crazy work and children schedule.

We started slow…tent camping…which we quickly found we were too old to enjoy any longer. We purchased pop-up campers and started visiting state parks around our home state of Missouri. We found we did fit camping into our lives. We easily made a trip a month for seven months and some months we even made two trips.


The jump to travel trailers happened next. Both families upgraded in 2015 to thirty-five foot campers. Of course, new hauling vessels were needed to pull the campers. We find ourselves set to enjoy the road. In the five years we have been camping we have made a few mistakes. We have learned a few lessons. We have had more than a few laughs.

We love adventure. We love exploring new areas. We love cooking and enjoying camp life. We love to roam with our friends in tow. We look forward to sharing this passion of ours with you.



  1. Travels with Birdy

    This is such a neat story. We don’t have any friends who RV (well, in real life–I have lots of internet friends who do–ha!), but this makes me wish me did. I’ll look forward to hearing about more local places we haven’t made it to yet. The blog looks great!


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