Cabin Fever

An unseasonably warm weekend has kicked my cabin fever into overdrive. Normally, I spend the winter months hibernating from the cold and snow under blankets and dreaming of camping trips to come. It was so warm this weekend, that I actually begged my husband to take me camping. A man of logic, he said no, because it was winterized.

To add to my desire to be out roaming, we went to visit our camper in storage this weekend. It was a routine check to make sure no unwanted critters had found their way inside. The Bullet and The Rockwood are stored next to each other and both were in great shape. Fourteen short weeks until their first scheduled trip of 2016.

Even though we have not been able to camp, not a day goes by when we are not thinking about camping or The Bullet. During our downtime we took the RV in for routine maintenance. We have purchased new step covers as well as LED flexible lighting. I am shopping around for a new outdoor patio rug as a critter chewed a hole in my current one.

Even routine trips to my favorite craft stores has turned into a shopping spree for the camper. I found these really cute wooden letters the other day and can’t wait to put them up in the camper. I wonder how those 3M Strips will be in the camper? My husband is concerned the changing temperatures might effect their bonding.


The Bullet sleeps eleven and has three bunk beds, a queen bed, and a futon couch that makes into a king bed. During this winter hiatus, I scored an unbelievable deal of 1800 thread count sheets for every bed in the camper. I literally chuckle out loud thinking about it. Why? Because everyone needs to camp on 1800 thread count sheets, right?

The obvious winter activity is booking summer trips, and we have been doing our fair share of this activity. After purchasing a new 2016 camping journal the planning began. Many parks will let you book six months in advance. We have all spent hours analyzing satellite photos, studying campground maps, and reading consumer reviews in our selection of the best sites available. We are booked for all holiday weekends and our large summer road trip taking us through July 2016.

I know I am speaking for all seven of us, we look forward to sharing our travels with you. First, we just have to get through this winter.

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