People Like Us

As we travel all around, I find myself keeping an eye out for people like us. Who are people like us? They are others who share our opinion that group camping is more fun than solo camping.


A few weeks ago we were visiting Bennett Spring State Park and we spied another group of friends camping together. There were eight of them total; four couples. We watched them share meals, bike ride together, laugh,  and just relax and enjoy being with each other. I asked how often they group camp and they answered as often as they can. They shared with me they may not always have all four couples but they do prefer to travel as a group instead of solo. I just smiled when one of the ladies added, “it’s just more fun” because I agree and I felt we shared a secret!

This group of friends is very well traveled. I enjoyed comparing notes of their favorite campgrounds vs ours.  We enjoyed chatting about campers, modifications, and equipment. Who knows, maybe our paths will cross again.

Thanks for this group, Angie and I had to make a quick trip to IKEA for an Octopus who will now be traveling with us!


If you are roaming with friends, we may spy you and don’t be shy if we stop by an introduce ourselves to your group!


  1. Ericka

    How fun! Do you ever find groups with kids or mostly couples? We have a one and only little one so we are always looking out for others with kids to play. We don’t find many couples in our circle of friends who like to camp(most just like the comforts of their house or hotels! ) Hope we cross paths this summer!


  2. RoamWithFriends

    The main reason we started group camping was because of the kids. We just found they had a great time when we traveled with other kids her age. We would love for you to join us for a trip! I will send you a private message of our training agenda so hopefully we can hook up!


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