Camper Signage

When we started this blog, Roam With Friends, I secretively wanted to put signage on the camper. I never mentioned it out-loud to Wayne because I was positive he would stomp that hope out faster than Jimmy Johns delivers sandwiches.

Instead of talking to him, I did some secret research. A friend of ours has started a vinyl graphics business. His work is impressive. So one night we sat having a drink and I waited until Wayne left the table and started asking my questions. Is it permanent? Will it damage the material it is placed on? Is it possible to get the design I wanted? How big can we go?

Armed with information, I then decided to approach Wayne about putting signage on the camper. In typical Wayne fashion, he shocked me with his response. There was no quick turn down. There was no selling. He simply said, yes, I love it.  WHAT!!


Gumshoe Graphics worked with us on the dimensions and the colors. Then they delivered new signage for the camper. As I watched him put it up, I just could not stop smiling! I am very happy with the end results!


If you are interested in adding graphics to your camper, or car, or life, I suggest you give Joe at Gumshoe Graphics a shout out on Facebook. As far as we go, let us know if you see us driving down the road!


me Pamela


  1. Travels with Hollie White

    Awesome! I’ve been thinking of doing that, too. I’m just waiting to see if my daughter is wanting to be more of a part of this than just my main travel buddy! We’ll definitely honk and wave if we see you!!


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