Roaming: Where Shall We Go Part 4

Hello everyone! My name is Allen, I am the last one of us to introduce myself.   I started camping as a young kid with my grandparents and then through Scouts.  I much prefer the RV lifestyle to the days of tent camping but I still love being out in the fresh air and being away from our hectic lives. This is the fourth and final part of this series on Where Shall We Roam. I hope you have enjoyed our other posts, many of you have left us some great feedback and we really appreciate it! If you missed any part you can go back and see them here:
1.  Gettysburg Pennsylvania. I really enjoy learning about the internal conflict our country endured.  In researching I have noticed there are a ton of campgrounds. If you have any insight  to the best campgrounds, please let me know!
2. UP of Michigan. None of us have ever been here, but I hear it is beautiful in the fall and there is a lot to see.I have heard you take the camper on a ferry boat to a campground. Now that would be kind of cool.
3.The Outer Banks of North Carolina.  I am interested in the Cape Hatteras area. I must be ready to relax along the coast line.
4. Rocky Mountain National Park. Time for a little Rocky Mountain High, but not that kind newly legal kind of high.  I would like to visit the highest paved road in a national park, Trail Ridge Road and fly fish in the park.
5. Sebastian Inlet State Park, Florida. I have seen lots of comments on the Forrest River Forums talking about this place. For me, I would like to relax along the shoreline, maybe try surfing, do some ocean fishing.
6. Harpers Ferry West Virginia. Have read good things about it and all of the history that took place there. This whole area of the country is rich in early american history, which I really enjoy.
7. Glacier National Park in Montana. I guess if Global Warming is happening, we should head here soon.
8. FROG “Forest River Owners Group” Rally in Goshen, Indiana. I have read this is a great opportunity to meet other avid camping enthusiast, get to meet a lot of the vendors that supply the parts that go into making our RV’s. We can do plant tours and see how things are put together. Seems interesting to me. Has anyone ever attended an owner’s rally? I would be interested in hearing your experiences.
9. Fort Wilderness at Disney World. This seems like a rite of passage for all  RV Owners and I absolutely loved our prior vacation there.
10. Myrtle Beach South Carolina. Besides visiting the ocean, I would like to play some of the golf courses that are there.
There you have my wish list of top destinations. If you have been to any of these places, please drop me a note and let me know if you have suggestions for campgrounds, things to do, or places to eat.
Thank you for being a part of our series and meeting each of us.
allentodd Allen

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  1. Travels with Hollie White

    Crossing the Mighty Mack with a camper would definitely be an experience! There’s a loop I hope to drive that goes all the way around Lake Michigan. I’ve seen a lot of videos of people driving across the bridge. I’d like to do it at least once. My brother says there’s a phone on both sides. If you feel you can’t cross safely, someone will drive you across!!


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