Roaming: Where Shall We Go Part 3

Hi! I am Angie and this is my first ever blog post. Pam has blogged about us and our camping before but this is the first time I have ever written a post. I am not a huge writer, actually you will find that I am the shy, quiet one of the group but I am excited about camping season and sharing our camping adventures with you all.

Here is my list of places that I would like to visit.  My list does not involve fishing or really anything in particular. They are just places that I would like to visit. Have you been to any of them? I would love for you to share your tips if you have!  If you missed our other weeks, you can check out Pam and Wayne’s post here. Stay tuned, my husband, Allen, will share his ideas next week.

Great Smokey Mountains – We are making this trip this summer  and I am very excited about white water rafting (which I have never done). I also like to do some hiking when we are camping and I am sure there are some great places to hike.

Yellowstone National Park – I feel like this trip is a must if you live in the US.

Mount Rushmore – I don’t think that there is much to do around this area other than Mount Rushmore, but I really want to see it. It might have to be a stop on the way to something else.

Oregon/Washington State – I have not traveled much to the west coast. I have seen pictures of this area and it looks really beautiful.  I would love to see all the old, tall trees. I don’t really know much more about this area and will have to research it more.

New York – I know this is not exactly place to go when you think of camping, but I really want to go to New York. They have to have some place outside the city where you can camp and take a short train ride to the city ?  Right ?

Mount Vernon – I love history and I think this would be a great place to go and learn more about our first president.

Gettysburg – Again I love history !

DC/Virginia – This trip could be combined with the Mount Vernon trip, I don’t think that they are that far apart from each other.  Allen and I have spent the day in DC and it was not long enough. I would love to go back and be able to spend a week in DC and the surrounding area.  Arlington National Cemetery is a must see if you are in the area.


Well, there is my list of places that I would like to visit. I know that I will come up with more as we start to travel further in our campers and see more of the US.  I can’t wait to get the camping season started.






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