5th Annual Family Camp-Out

Enrollment is now open for the 5th Annual Family Camp-out. 

Whether you are camping one night or two, or don’t want to camp at all but want to spend the day outside you can find something that fits you and your family. No matter how long you plan to stay, this camp-out is packed full of family fun!

Smithville Lake is a 7,200 acre lake and has more than 175 miles of shoreline.  Located just 20 miles north from downtown Kansas City, we have made this beautiful lake the site of our annual family camp-out for five straight years.

Reserve Your Spot NOW!!! The only way to get us all together is to reserve spots early. You can make reservations at this link. You want Loop G, Spots 407-416. Tent campers can coordinate with me to find you the best spot.


We have a very exciting weekend planned. Remember last year’s Glow Party? We had such a great time we decided to bring it back again. Glow Party 2.0!

Need some inspiration? You can checkout past years here:

Make your reservations now! See you at the campfire!

me Pamela


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