Meet Ruby Lou: A New Camper and Our Initial Reactions

We have talked about upgrading our RV for some time. Upgrading conversations usually start when your current RV no longer fits your needs. For us, Betty was still meeting our needs. Well, The Husband no longer liked sleeping in the main bedroom and I always dream of a more comfortable couch. But that was it. And it just did not seem like we had enough of  a list to go and upgrade over.

Until Labor Day weekend 2019. We were camping at a local KOA and found several dealerships close by. So, we went to peak.

And we fell in love.

On September 14, 2019, we traded Betty in and brought home Ruby Lou. Ruby is a 2020 Grand Design Reflection 311BHS.

We have taken Ruby Lou out once already and we were just amazed at the difference. I even heard The Husband saying to his father, we should have done this long ago.

So, what do we love initially?

The master bed. Betty had this curved front with cabinets over the head of the bed. The Husband hated it. He felt like he was in a cave and was always knocking his arms on the cabinets. Ruby Lou’s bed is open. It is also a true Queen so no ones feet hang over the end. We can also walk all the way around the bed.

The toilet. Betty had the Dometic 300 and Ruby Lou has the Dometic 320. That porcelain bowl makes a huge difference in the overall sturdiness. I am also excited because I don’t have to wonder how I am suppose to be (or not suppose to be) cleaning the toilet.

Doors. Betty was an ultra-light weight camper. And when we had a half ton truck, that appealed to us greatly. One of the many ways used to cut weight was no doors. Betty had curtains on every door but the bathroom. Ruby Lou has actual doors at every door. And other quality construction; like real wood drawers and cabinets. Our Short Chic appreciates the fact that she can go to her bedroom and shut her door and have some real privacy. A curtain just did not do that for her.

The Windows: Betty had maybe 7 total windows and most of those were small. Ruby Lou has so many windows and they are HUGE. The amount of natural light we have access to is unbelievable. On the flip side, Ruby Lou has black out shades that filter out the light when we need the light filtered. So, we find ourselves sleeping better (comfy, roomy bed plus light filtering shades) when we need sleep and we find ourselves sunny and bright when we want it. I think Moose The Camping Dog loves all the windows and he loves looking out at all the campground activity.

The Size: Betty was 35 feet long. Ruby Lou is 36 feet 10 inches long. Betty had 2 slides and Ruby Lou has 4 slides. Yes, we doubled our weight but we barely increased our length. Ruby Lou feels huge to us but also feels completely manageable driving down the road and backing her into a space.

I am sure as time rolls on and we add more nights camping in Ruby Lou our love list will grow. I am so looking forward to a long vacation in her next summer!

Thank you for checking out Ruby Lou!

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