Reason #13 Why I Love Camping

I went for an early morning walk today.

By campground standards 8:00 am could be considered late.

But there was hardly anyone stirring so it felt even earlier.

A chorus of birds sang to me the entire walk. The sopranos and mezzos leading a lovely song I felt honored to here preformed.

The air was sweet; fragrant from the wild flowers. Beyond the sweetness was a hint of musky earth. And somewhere off in the distance was the smell of new rain waiting for just the right time for its release.

It is humid. The air is so thick you can feel it; the kind of air that sticks to you. The humidity building with anticipation of the upcoming rain.

It is peaceful. It is quiet. I realize that while I am alone with my thoughts, I am not alone. For I have so many other things to share this space with me, if I can just quiet myself enough to experience them.

As I am here in this space, I realize this is one of the reasons I love camping. It maybe hiking, a morning stroll, or just sitting outside under a shade tree but taking the time to enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of the outdoors is reason number 13 of why I love camping.

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