I saw this funny meme today. It was simple. Quick. It was a reminder. The meme said, “And Just Like That, 1999 was twenty years ago.” WOW, really! Maybe because I am a huge Prince fan (party like it’s 1999) or maybe because this was our last year before the world was suppose to end (anyone else remember Y2K?) but I vividly remember ringing 1999 in. Like it was just a few years ago, not twenty years ago!


Maybe time gets away from me. Weeks feel like days and months feel like weeks. Can anyone else relate? So, if I am honest, then I have to admit my last post here was some time ago. This past year, I got lost in living our life and I sorta forgot to document it and share it with you. And guys, 2018 was a great year for us!  We spent over 55 nights in our camper, visited six different states, seven different state parks, and nine national parks. We enjoyed large group camping trips, small group camping trips, visited some favorite campgrounds and fell in love with a new one or two.

But, we have turned the page in our book of life and started a new chapter. This chapter is called 2019 and it is ready to be written. I love the excitement and energy of a new year. I love the idea of starting fresh, starting something new, or challenging yourself in a way you have not done in the past.


As the first few days of 2019 pass, we find ourselves organizing and planning, specifically about camping!  One of my favorite activities to do on new years day is archive last years camping journal and organize my new journal. We have already secured numerous camping reservations for 2019. We will be visiting some of our old tried and true places and mixing it up with some new places.

As a way of saying, I am sorry for the extra long blogging vacation, and I am so excited for the new year, I am sharing with you one of my most favorite camping log sheets. I use it to track what month I can make reservations in, the number of days we spend camping, the number of state parks we visit, the number of national parks, and this year we are tracking the number of hikes we take. Maybe this tracking log can help you too.



Happy New Year!


  1. Dana Jones

    So true. I’ve neglected mine as well. I guess that means we are enjoying life. It is wonderful on the road. But time passes too too fast for sure. Keep movin on!!!


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