Easter At The Campground

We kicked camping season off over Easter Weekend. It wasn’t planned to be an Easter camping weekend. It was meant to be the men’s annual fishing trip to Bennett Spring State Park. They selected the dates. After it was booked I realized it was Easter. I had a little anxiety about it. I mean, Easter is a big holiday, could we really be away from our families? Could we break tradition? I mean we have spent holidays in our campers: Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day are standard camping weekends for us. But Easter?

Thankfully I listened to a podcast by RV Family Travel Atlas about spending holidays in the campground. The podcast recommended finding a way to celebrate the holiday without all the fuss, staying true to your own traditions. It made sense to me. So, I let go of my family guilt and embraced the idea of opting out…outdoors.

I knew I needed three things to celebrate Easter away from home: some quite time to reflect on the purpose of the holiday, an Easter meal, and an Easter egg and scavenger hunt for the kids. I did most of the meal prep before the men left. The scavenger hunt seemed daunting but with a little brain work, I pulled that together as well.

Friday night when we arrived, I was so giddy to be camping. We have waited all winter long for the opportunity to be out in the fresh air and sleeping in ole Brown Betty. The weather Saturday could not have been any more perfect. We were able to walk all over the park. We hiked all the way from the campground to the bridge and from their to the spring. It was a perfect hike until a snake slithered out to greet me and nearly slid across my foot. And as if that was not enough as we approached the spring, we were warned of a water snake hiding under a rock we passed by.

After all the snake excitement we headed back to the campground for some down time. We even napped. The men got some fishing in. The Boy actually out-fished Wayne for the first time in ever. The Boy felt ten foot and bullet proof.

Angie found her own way of celebrating Easter at the campground. She invited some of her family down to Bennett Spring. They joined us Saturday evening for a fish fry with all those freshly caught trout.  We sat around the campfire and enjoyed a crisp spring evening.

Easter Sunday arrived and so did the rain. Our Easter Scavenger Hunt might have been a little damp but the girls had a great time. Watching them complete a blindfolded “how well do you know your Easter candy” challenge was very entertaining!

The rain cleared an hour or so before lunch. We got to enjoy our Easter dinner outside at the picnic table. I may have been apprehensive about breaking tradition but honestly, this holiday was perfect! I am thankful for the tips in the RVFTA podcast. It really helped me step outside my box and find a way to have Easter while doing what we love; exploring and enjoying the outdoors.

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