Our 2016 Epic Adventure

There are moments in my life I wish I had a “do-over” card. Don’t get me wrong, generally speaking I am very content with my life but every summer I do get a little envious of my friends who are teachers or school social workers. Their flexible summer schedule speaks to my soul and seduces it into something that resembles regret. I find myself wishing for a “do-over” so I can spend more time roaming in our RV.


This summer our camping group planned our first ever epic adventure; two weeks on the road traveling. We had planned to leave Kansas City separately and meet up in Land Between The Lakes, Natural Recreational Area in Kentucky. The Taylor family minus The Boy planned to leave Kansas City on July 2 and spend a few days celebrating Independence Day and Pamela’s college best friends birthday. The Todd family and The Boy planned to leave on July 5 after fulfilling work and sports obligations.

On departure date we were greeted with rain and unseasonably cold weather. Our epic adventure almost got side tracked before it even started when I left my purse behind in a fast food restaurant on the way to our friends home. I think my face went ghostly white when I realized what I had done and how much vacation money I had in that purse. The twenty minutes it took to get back to the restaurant was the longest I have ever held my breath! I was so happy to talk to the manager, who found my purse and safely tucked it in a safe. I got it back with all of it’s contents. Despite the drama of forgetting my purse and the weather, we had a great time on this leg of our vacation. We enjoyed friendship, swimming, boating, tubing, jet skiing, and relaxing.

On July 5, we got up early and started making our way to Kentucky. Mapquest and Google Maps predicted that we would have a 6 hour 11 minute drive. From Camdeton Missouri we knew the first part of our trip would be down two lane country roads until we reach US Route 60.  Right before we reached Popular Bluff, Missouri we ventured from the paper printed directions to using our GPS Navigation System. We never even noticed that the GPS was leading us away from the printed directions until it was too late.


Our GPS system has three settings: fastest, shortest, and economical. We had it set for fastest. The GPS found every two lane, barely a shoulder path to take us down. We watched our estimated time of arrival go from 6 hours 11 minutes to nearly 10 hours. I don’t think we could ever repeat that trip again, even if we wanted to, but one of the coolest moments was crossing the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers. The Todd’s crossed each of them on their way to Land Between The Lakes but they were hours apart. We crossed them at their intersection point down by Cairo, Illinois. The bridges were a bit scary but the view was amazing; water in every single direction. You barely make it over one bridge before you turn and go over another.


We arrived at Land Between The Lakes National Recreation Area later than expected, tired but thrilled to find The Boy and our camping buddies and excited to begin our adventure.

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