Indian Springs Family Resort

“Sometimes the most scenic roads in life are the detours you didn’t mean to take.” -Angela Blount

We never planned to stumble onto Indian Springs Family Resort. We never planned that the state park we were in route to visiting would call and cancel our reservations due to flooding. But they did and as a direct result we stumbled into Indian Springs Family Resort.

Midwest summers tend to either have too much or too little rain. At the time of visiting Indian Springs Family Resort we were having too much. Everything around us was wet and squishy. The skies threatened every day to open up and provide more but that was not the real threat. Anyone who lives on a river knows that not only do you have to watch what is happening around you, you also have to be aware of what is going on upstream from you.


On Memorial Weekend 2016, upstream was getting a lot of rain and was threatening flooding. When we checked in to Indian Springs, it was obvious the river was at max capacity and the staff told us upfront it was expected to crest by 2:00 a.m. They were diligently watching the conditions and they would let us know if we had to leave quickly.  We kept the trailer hitched to the truck just in case Thankfully we were not flooded out. In fact, the second morning, we got a call that our original destination was back open so we only stayed here one night and moved over to our original destination.

Indian Springs Family Resort is located in Steelville, MO literally right on the Meramec River.  The new owners, transplanted Texans, took over the ownership/management a few years ago and have been working very hard to bring their vision of a family resort to fruition.  During our impromptu visit, it was easy to see how much work is going into this resort.

As the name suggest, there are two springs on the property.  The resort has a multi-unit motel, a two-unit cabin with a shared screen porch, a four-unit cabin, a seven-unit cabin, a two bedroom house, as well as tent and RV sites for camping. Currently some of the RV sites are under construction. The sites we were in were all grass and virtually level and needed minimal leveling. The owners were in the process of adding gravel pads to the sites we were in. The RV sites currently only have 30 amp service but I would expect this to be upgraded soon as well.


This resort offers something for everyone. As it is located on the Meramec River there is canoeing, kayaking , or rafting trips  available. The owner of the resort explained to us that all float trips originate upstream and end right at the campground. If the river is not calling your name, you can still enjoy water in the resort pool. Our girls enjoyed splashing around in the spring. There is sand volleyball and hiking available as well.

The general store has been completely redone and offers your basics. They  even a frozen ice cream case but be warned you might find other things besides ice cream in the case!  Behind the general store is a large area that is unfinished. The owner has plans for a coffee bar and gathering place in the back of the store.


Camping fees at Indian Springs are: adults are $10.00 per person per night with an additional $15.00 per night fee for electricity and water (children under 7 are free but kids ages 8-15 are $5.00 per person per night).

I like to keep it real here so I want to put out there that this resort has its fair share of negative reviews on the internet. We experienced none of the things I read about. The bathrooms were clean. Our 30 amp service was sufficient. The owners and staff were super nice and honestly bent over backwards to fit us in. This might not be a gem of the Ozarks just yet but we think the potential is there and we look forward to watching this resort, under new ownership, come into it’s own.


We will be forever thankful that Indian Springs took us in on a holiday weekend when we found ourselves without reservations. Our Memorial Day Weekend party of 13 unanimously agreed we would love to come back and do a float trip.






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